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If you’re here, it is probably from some sort of Google search or something, as I haven’t really told anyone about this little blog. It’s still new (brand new, as of today, in fact.)

It’s been a very long journey trying to dig out of myself of this bottomless hole of depression. I have no medical insurance, having lost it several years back after getting let go from my job due to too many stress-related absences. With the loss of the medical insurance, the loss of medications was not far behind. Antidepressant withdrawal is a hell of a thing.

I was in a deep dark period for a few years, but I am getting better. A big part of that has to do with daily walking or hiking, with my canine companion. I’ve just started dipping my toe in to the hikes around the region, and have been learning things about how to better get out there, and things about myself. I figured maybe it would be a good idea to write about those things again.

It might be interesting, it might be stupid and boring, but it will be here.


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  1. Nothing better than going for a walk with your dog. This is something I miss. Good luck to you with life and your blog! xx


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