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Hike Summary

It’s been a rough week. I’ve been moody and irritable and starving the whole time. The weather people said that Thursday would be snow, but there was no snow, so I decided to shuffle things around and go for a hike on Friday.

I almost think I should have stayed home. All the stress and frustration was getting to me, and it was magnified on the hike. The guide I followed was once again out of date, but I didn’t handle it well, I would often get frustrated trying to search for where I was to go, or indecisive on which route to take. I really should have just gone with my first impulse, which was to follow the Bootlegger trail all the way down south, but my indecision made me stubbornly try to follow the directions.

It was actually a pretty day — the sun was shining, the Potomac was rushing swiftly by, making susurrating noises. There was a lot of wildlife. I really should have taken time to appreciate the hike, but I really just wasn’t in the right frame of mind.

So I cut it short, at “only” close to 5 miles. It’s funny to think about, when I first started hiking, 5 miles would have been a good hike. Now, it felt like just a mere warmup.

I am determined for the next hike to be more prepared for my route, although actually the place I have in mind I have hiked before, but I haven’t chronicled on here. We’ll see how the week goes.

More Pictures of Riverbend Park

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