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Bull Run-Occoquan: 19 Miles

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Hike Summary

No pictures for this hike, I was mainly focused on building mileage, and I’ve been on this trail quite a few times already, in fact … I am almost getting sick of it!

It was a pleasant enough day for the hike, and I only saw a couple of other joggers. One thing that I did encounter, and something I have to remember for next time, is the fussy inaccuracy of Endomondo’s measurements. This is the second time that it’s reported inaccurate distance.

I really should have trusted the mile markers, and I also should have reset the odometer on my Garmin. If I had, instead of hiking 19 miles in one day (which is pretty impressive, but also has caused me no end of exhaustion,) I would have hiked the planned 16 miles.

This does free me up to hike something shorter and more interesting this week, so stay tuned!


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