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So, Being Absent

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I really do not have an adequate excuse, my readers, for why I haven’t been posting. It’s true that I haven’t been able to hike since the beginning of December, but still, I could have been posting about the seven hikes I’d gone on since the middle of the shutdown until then.

I’ll at least intersperse the pictures in this post, as a way to get back on track.

I can’t explain it, I try to parse why, and sometimes I think the pressure of feeling obligated to do something every week was getting to me. Maybe it was a resurgence of some depression symptoms, or a manifestation of my anxiety. It could have been just extreme procrastination, which itself is just another manifestation of my depressive habits.

But again, there’s no use for excuses, just .. explanations I suppose. I am feeling better and more motivated. The comments while I’ve been away have been good, and the internet friends I know who have asked me about my hikes have been helpful.

Now that I have picked up a Chromebook, it should hopefully help. Also now that I have a new, working phone, that will help as well. If I am not able to actually make it out to hike, I’ll at least go take a drive and post explorations of roadside interestingness, museums (which I’ve done in the past) and places I’ve eaten at, in the hopes that you all will find that something interesting to read.

I will resist the lure to sit inside and hibernate as I have been doing, and just get out and do more. Hopefully this year I can actually merge my purchased domain name into the blog and get it hosted instead of just sitting out there.

Anyhow, thanks for continuing to look at the site and for commenting and so on, I’ll keep it in mind in the future.

The Missing Hikes (which I suppose I can re-hike and write about in the future!)

Buck Ridge/Mary’s Rock (during the shutdown)

Hawksbill Mountain (the first snow I saw in 2013)

Gerhart Shelter (a pleasant place to have lunch)

Catlett Mountain (the stairway to forever)

Hogback Mountain (When I had to use my SO to place a lunch order for me)

Trout Pond (A Hidden Gem in WV)

Piney Ridge/Range View Cabin (a 13-mile epic hike with very few pictures to show for it)

Thanks for sticking with me.


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