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Product Review – Panache Sports Bra

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This is an unsolicited product review. If I am ever in the business of solicited product reviews, I’ll be sure to post a disclaimer.

Attention: This is a post about bras. If you don’t like bras, or don’t care about bras, probably best to skip this and move on.

So, the Panache Sports Bra. I ran across a review for this thing at a very nice blog, Weirdly Shaped. I liked the review so much, and after looking around at a few other blogs, I decided to give it a go for myself.

One of the problems I had pretty much since puberty is the curse of being  endowed with, as my mother likes to call them, “The Patterson Boobs.” All the women in my family have large assets. Correspondingly, a lot of women in my family also have back pain, as well as the “my eyes are up here” problem.

It was even worse when I was 100 pounds heavier than I am now, I was up to a size 42G at one point, which isn’t pretty on a person that is only 5’6″. Nowadays I bounce between a size 34 and a size 36 F, depending on the manufacturer.

Most bra manufacturers only go up to size DDD, and sports bras? Yeah forget it. A friend of mine mentioned resorting to just wearing multiple sports bras to get any sort of support. Running is something I’ve never gotten into for this reason.

It can even get pretty bad with hiking, especially in the summer when things get hot and sweaty, because things … get hot and sweaty. This is doubly the case here in the Mid Atlantic area, where there’s lots and lots of humidity keeping things damp.

Anyhow, to this bra. Panache makes bras exclusively for D cups and above, which is a great thing to see, because so many bras out there are either made for “plus size” (large band and large cup) or “normal” size (smaller band and smaller cup.) It is exceedingly difficult to find bras for those that fall in the middle, the smaller band and larger cup size.

I decided to get something colorful, but not extremely colorful, so I went with the grey one, which is more of a purple tinted grey, with a darker purple grey. Something a little different, but not too different.

Advice from bloggers and Amazon reviews suggested getting one on the smaller size, so I went with a 34F.

When I got it out of the box, my first impression was one of substance. This thing is built like a tank. It practically stands up by itself, with multiple layers and hefty sewing on the seams. Nice, solid construction. It almost worried me that it would be too bulky, but once I got it on, that bulk disappeared, and it fit great, extremely comfortable. It’s substantial enough that one could wear it on it’s own as a top, even, something that I may have to experiment with some summertime.

So far, I have worn it on a 5 mile, a 17 mile, and a 19 mile hike, and it’s performed admirable in all those situations. The 17 mile hike was the warmest, and the wicking properties of the fabric kept me cool and dry throughout the day.

I would definitely recommend this bra to anyone who has a large bust and needs a bra for any sort of exercise. It’s supportive enough that it almost makes me want to run. If I could afford it, I’d own one in each color. A+


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